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  General Information:

Nomads of Spirit will offer regular gathering locations for spiritual seekers who are wanting community, as well as to share a connection with nature and personal healing. Each gathering will be new in its expression of spirit, as you bring your gifts to share and the uniqueness of who you are. This will create the content for each gathering. Although there will be no formal leadership, we will help in coordinating activities during the time frame posted.

Summer 2021

We will pick locations for informal "Campouts".  

There may be a sweat lodge ceremony at certain locations if possible. 

Information will be added to this site as things firm up. 

We will have a continuing conversation about forming long term community.

Please click on appropriate tab for additional information and directions.  


Excessive alcohol or drug use is discouraged. These substances are not in alignment with the energy we will be creating at these gatherings. Covid-19 guidelines are encouraged.



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